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< About Mel />

🌱 I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois where I played a lot of soccer
🏫 I received my Bachelor of Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin, Madison
🥁 I was on the drumline in the University of Wisconsin Marching Band (I played cymbals!) 
👩‍💻 I got my first job at Microsoft after college as a Data and AI technologist
🌄 I moved out of the Midwest to sunny Boulder, Colorado to play in the mountains!
⛏️ I switched teams at Microsoft and became a Software Engineer in Colorado

🏫 I took a few computer science courses at the University of Colorado in Boulder for fun
🐺 I rescued an Alaskan Malamute Siberian Husky mix named Koda (he's a heterochromia cutie!)
🏕️ I've visited 19 National Parks in the United States and I hope to visit all 63 in the future!
⌨️ I built my first mechanical keyboard in 2020 and now I'm addicted to building more!

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