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Principle Design Manager

You truly did an outstanding job as an IC Designer on Providence. The quality of your work in both process and outputs were extremely high quality and you could very easily be a Designer 2 on any product team at Microsoft. The whole HX team was consistently impressed with your preparation, pre-work, and composition in all of the work you did with Providence. Additionally you did a pretty commendable job with the Customer, helping them walk with you through the design and research process and to understand the impacts of design and interaction decisions in the engagement.

Senior Software Engineer

"Melanie is an extremely driven person and it was very evident when I first met her that she is ambitious, always wants to learn and always tries to do a very good job. When I worked with her on the FilmDove project, even though she was a slated as a “learner”, she took great initiative and did a great job on the Azure Media Player Angular component, which was an extremely critical part of the FilmDove Project."

List Item Title

Ability to work autonomously and learn quickly. After the Fox Ensemble kickoff, seeing what you were able to accomplish by yourself in our regular weekly check-ins with minimal supervision showed a tremendous ability to self conduct yourself. As the lead for the project, I found that ability to act autonomously incredibly beneficial to the effectiveness of our team (especially as we we're acting remote).

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