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Cookbook & Cooking Show

My Role

Designer | Illustrator


Help raise money virtually for the 2020 Microsoft GIVE campaign for the CSE (Commerical Software Engineering) team

Key Accomplishments

  • ​Designed the experience for a cookbook using Figma and Procreate. Cookbook was filled with recipes submitted by teammates inside the CSE team. Cookbook was available for purchase and all profits benefited the Global FoodBanking Network

  • Published and edited a cooking show using iMovie. Cooking show featuring three chefs in CSE and was used to raise awareness for the cookbook for sale


Courtney Greer | Program Manager @ Microsoft

"Melanie worked hard these last few months to contribute to the success of this year's Give and her efforts were tremendous. Mel's graphic designs on the cookbook were the talk of the month, so happy to have Mel share her gift for UX design with the team.  Above all Melanie's energy kept the team moving even when we were all hitting burnout which was majorly appreciated during the later half of the month. I thank you tremendously for allowing time for my friend to lead and support such a selfless campaign and assure you that her impact was felt. Thank you so much Mel for all your hard work, I'm truly thankful to be working in CSE with such amazing and caring people."

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